KAYAKOMAT Norrtälje Societetsparken (closed for season)


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Kayak and SUP rental at KAYAKOMAT Norrtälje Societetsparken

Rent SUP and kayak in Norrtälje. Kayaking and stand up paddling (SUP) in Norrtäljeviken is a very peaceful and fun activity, best enjoyed together with friends and family. Beginners can here comfortably try both SUP and kayaking, while still being close to shore. More experienced kayakers can explore the Stockholm archipelago, or take the kayak on the car and launch further out. By kayaking or stand up paddling, you can easily reach beautiful places that are hard to access on a bike ride or hike. Renting a kayak or SUP through KAYAKOMAT self service rental in Norrtälje is convenient, affordable and always available.

Local tips for your paddling in Norrtälje

  • Two restaurants are within 100 meters and many more just a short walk away.
  • Paddle out to Tjuvholmen, a small island right out in the bay, bring your picnic or maybe a take-away salad, something to drink and something to sit on. Enjoy the sun and the sunset and paddle on magical still water where you can see the sunlight slowly disappearing beyond the horizon behind Norrtälje city.
  • Book a sauna with either or Å to give your experience that little extra.

Good to know at KAYAKOMAT Norrtälje Societetsparken

  • If you have the right equipment on your car, you are welcome to bring your kayak for a longer trip at any location
  • If you would like to arrange any kind of package with food, sauna or anything else, just get in touch. We will help you tailor a fantastic experience.


Phone: 010 2650 650

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open 24 / 7
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KAYAKOMAT Address: Badstugatan 13, Norrtälje, 761 40

How does KAYAKOMAT work?

For your ultimate convenience and freedom, we offer 24/7 self service rental stations across the country. Book, unlock and paddle at any time!


Choose one of our options: single kayak, tandem kayak, or SUP. Rentals start at a minimum of 2 hours up to several days for longer adventures. You’ll receive a confirmation email with further instructions.


On the day of your booking, you will receive a code via email and SMS. Arrive at your KAYAKOMAT and unlock your gear. Inside you’ll find everything you need: PFD, paddles and sprayskirts. If it’s your first time out on the water, make sure you double check our safety tips.


Now you’re ready to go! Enjoy your time out on the water, and be sure to tag us @kayakomat on social media. When your rental time is finished, return your equipment, check that everything is clean and lock it back up.

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KAYAKOMAT uses the latest smart lock technology to offer a seamless rental experience, even in remote locations. Book in advance or spontaneously on site, and unlock your equipment at any time of the day.