Paddle, spray skirt and PFD (lifejacket) included.

With KAYAKOMAT, paddling has never been easier. Book online, unlock with code and paddle.




Rent kayak and SUP whenever you want!

KAYAKOMAT offers unmanned kayak rental worldwide. Book online, get a code for your kayak or SUP, unlock it and go on an adventure. The kayak/SUP board contains the accessories you need, such as a paddle and life jacket. In the morning and evening the water is often calm, that's why we are open 24 hours a day!

Convenient SUP and kayak rental

KAYAKOMAT is a flexible and agile kayak and SUP rental service for those who want to enjoy the day. Treat yourself or someone you know to a unique nature experience! Renting a kayak or SUP through KAYAKOMAT instead of buying your own kayak is also good for the environment, and you don't have to think about storage. More freedom and sustainability but less hassle!

Kayaking for beginners

Kayaking or paddling SUP is a fun activity for friends and family. As a beginner, it's easy and safe in good weather! The fleet consists of brand new, comfortable and stable kayaks and SUP boards from leading brand Point 65 Sweden. The kayaks are designed to be paddled easily without rudders. You simply steer with the paddle. Paddle with company and stay close to shore if you're new to paddling. And study our safety tips before you set out!

Perfect activity for friend or company groups

Kayaking and SUP paddling together as a group is easy as you can book several kayaks/SUP boards at the same time and easily combine with other activities or dinner next door. Kayaking and SUPing together is perfect for a corporate event, date night, hen party, family outing or AWn.